Art Stream on Fridays!

Join us for the Live stream or watch the VoD!

Friday @6PM – PST time.

Hey all! We are a group of creators who stream live to Twitch every Friday night. We hang out together while working on our projects and talk shop about art, media, and pop culture. We will be answering questions about our projects and offering advice to anyone who is curious how we make what we make. We would love to see you there and chat. Check out the creators that will be there below:

Jenn's Stream

Jenn is a digital painter, concept artist, and writer. Her current project is Krono Keeper.

Jon's Stream

Jon does 3D Modeling, Rigging, and Textures/Materials. He works in Maya, Zbrush, and Unreal Engine as a Technical Artist.

Volette's Work

Veronica is digital artist and writer who is publishing a webcomic on WebToons. Veronica is still getting her stream setup, but she will still be around in voice chat for the stream.

Estevan's Stream

Estevan is a 3D animator and video game designer. He works mostly in Unreal Engine and is working on an arcade rail shooter video game.