Art Night Squad Steam! (6-5-2020)

Join us! @6pm WestCoast

Hey all, for the last…. 9ish month, we have been getting together each week with artist friends who are making cool stuff. Tonight for the first time we are streaming, and we are doing it together.

We are a Digital Concept Artist (Jenn), 3D Modeler (Jon), Game Designer (Estevan), and a Digital Web Comic Artist (Vollette).

If you have questions about art, writing, or game design feel free to drop by the stream(s) and say hello!

Jenn's Stream

Digital Concept Art and ZBrush Sculpting

Jon's Stream

3D Modeling and Materials

Estevan's Stream

Game Design in Unreal Engine

Volette's Comic

Web Comic: "Anything for You"