Current Projects:

Swords and Roses Comic

Status: In-Production (LIVE NOW: July 5, 2021)

‘Swords and Roses’ is a Web Comic currently in Production; The comic is LIVE NOW as of July, 5, 2021. You can Subscribe to the Comic for FREE on WebToons:

New Chapters Every other Thursday!

Krono Keeper Series

Status: Pre-Production Inprogress

Krono Keeper is a Web Comic/Motion Comic currently in Pre-Production.

Besties: Krono Keeper Prequel

Status: 6 Chapters Finished; On Hold.

“Besties” is a Web Comic prequel story to Krono Keeper and is Live on LineWebToons now. We have finished by publishing 6 Chapters of Besties for now. We are currently returning to work on the main series.

Past Projects:

"Silver" -2013

Student Short Film, Forester Films

"Ezer" -2012

Student Short Film, Forester Films